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2.LED Knowledge
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4.Safety lamps commonly used in reference
5.LED color temperature standard of basic knowledge and instructions ROHs
6.LED Tube Support

Some people say that LED can reach 50,000 hours, light control in less than 30% decline, but the power of less than 50,000 hours, so the overall lighting will not be able to reach 50,000 hours, how to explain this problem?
The power of the IC, resistors, transistors, diodes can reach 50,000 hours, except in the design of electrolysis to be a high priority. Electrolysis of technical indicators by two key parameters: time, temperature. The use of electrolysis to reduce the ambient temperature of 10 degrees, the use of time may be extended twice, then select the electrolysis should be selected more than 120 degrees of electrolysis, and secondly, the design electrolysis, electrolysis capacity should not affect the circuit performance in the case of amplification of some, electrolytic the use of the time indicator is the number of hours in the 80% decline in capacity, but not broken, then the capacity of electrolytic parameters will be some changes, but not completely broken can not be used. So, strictly considered, the design of the power can reach 50,000 hours, ensuring that the entire lamp life of 50,000 hours, and light control in less than 30% decline.

All LED lights have this fatal flaw, but so far, nobody has a good solution to all engaged in LED power, or engage in LED lighting products have avoided this problem, pretend do not know, but the actual production, the problem is endless, of course, there are more people who know less, totally do not understand how it was.
Description of the phenomenon: The most common problem is to do a project, hundreds of lamps, often for no reason of damage, common as a street filled with LED lights, does not shine from time to time, often bad, but bad repair, repair bad again . there are LED lamps, many with non-isolated power supply, mass production are often found deep-fried and bad, are the root cause here. is caused by surge voltage, surge voltage causes a lot of outdoor lightning is common, or is a large load on, off, voltage noise and the like. According to the argument in writing, is a very high voltage, often to the KV, and instantly added to the input supply, and then transduction from input supply to the output side.
Adjustment of the PWM switching power supply, a number of clock cycles are needed, and if the input voltage transient (up to a kV), and time is very short (tens, hundreds of ms), then switching power supply did not have time to adjust , then the performance is instantly transmitted to the output of high pressure, especially now that the step-down circuit with LED lamp, because the load is a string of high-voltage circuit in the 300V, 300V high-voltage instant bigger, the pressure instantly added to the output Isolate the power supply would have been better, but many also escape.
Some people say that with TVS, choke, X capacitor, in fact, not much useful, because in the normal work of the LED current is very sensitive to voltage changes. LED current work in the stable, such as straw hat lamp, work in the 20MA, the stable voltage of about 3.1V, the 0.1V ends when the applied voltage increases, the current does not increase at both ends of a few percent, but may increase by tens, increasing 0.5V, nor is it increased by a few ten, but increased several hundred percent, that is, several times, although more than a few elements that can play that role, but after TVS filtered voltage, there are more than 400V, the voltage output current will remain fierce increase, then the output is equivalent to short-circuit, the performance of non-isolated power supply is fried instant bad constant loop, or even switch, the LED directly wiped out, the phenomenon of isolated power switch is a bad blow, leading to light does not shine, which is the root cause, which is determined by the LED characteristics. A lot of constant power, constant voltage power supply as 12V common in with some other load, often found in very low failure rate, but the same power to three string, and then point the number of LED strings, often found a lot of fried bad, because here, because the LED load characteristics, its easier to damage and damage their own power.

What is junction temperature?
When the LED junction temperature is the work, each diode junction with the base of contacts generated by the temperature. The junction temperature can be kept to the minimum level of growth slowing to make the LED light failure. Junction temperature is the key to assessing the quality of LED products, LED junction temperature low prolong life.

How to manage control junction temperature?
Excellent record of LED lights use aluminum heat sink for the lamp shell, this unique design of the junction temperature as the temperature decreases to a minimum.

LED light is distinguished from traditional sources such as incandescent, fluorescent and xenon lamps?
And other light sources, LED will be invisible and visible light directly into electricity without heat or other forms of radiation, such as ultraviolet light. Traditional sources of light radiation angle even more than 360?. LED light radiation range is a fixed arc. Use of LED lighting design in a number of facilities and needs fixed, it is an advantage and now pose a challenge to many sources.

The advantages of LED and application of LED technology in general lighting on the challenges?
LED has the advantage of efficient and durable. These advantages enable us to achieve energy saving, save money, so our costs under control and extends lamp life. As the scope of the LED light is a fixed radiant arc, not lighting the light absorption caused by loss or fired due to the light radiation angle in all directions resulting in light pollution. On the other hand, when the LED lighting industry, when used, it's such a fixed point of the arc radiation challenge. Well-designed lighting using LED as a light source to ensure that the irradiation light is evenly distributed within the range of.

Lamps using LED light source for environmental protection What are the advantages?以LED为光Mercury-free source of lighting or harmful gases, can achieve the longest service life and reduce the waste to a minimum. In addition, they are made entirely of recyclable material, so they impact on the environment is minimal. When they are applied to facilities subject to the special design of LED lights can eliminate light pollution, night becomes day and the outdoor lights to reduce the adverse effects on people.

Why is the life of the LED light failure measured?
LED lamp life than incandescent and fluorescent lamps or xenon lamps much longer. LED lamp life is generally 50,000 to 100,000 hours. With the use of time, long time use of LED light flux becomes small and not completely scrapped. This flux smaller is called "bad light", an LED light available time (hours) run out of bad calculations.
 Industry standard for assessing the service life of LED lights, LED light source 30 percent of the time bad light as an evaluation point. 100,000 hours lamp life is not equal to one. Rated life LED light source when the light fades to 30% scrap. More than 10 hours of LED light source will work, but the flux will be reduced.

White LED of the reason for spectral color separation?
White LED lights in the factory to go through the spectral separation (not through some spectral separation of the LED emitted light is white, some blue, some yellow), spectral separation device is expensive, generally small plants are not the kinds of equipment, so the production of white light to get the manufacturers are generally carried out spectral color separation, because not their own plant products, spectral separation would not be so careful. Some small plants can not be bothered spectral color separation. They are generally a low price to pull customers. So, do not blindly buy the white LED freeloaders, be sure to purchase the same manufacturer, same batch, same color of LED lights or LED modules single particles to produce the same batch of luminous words.

Track lights, two 3-wire, three-loop What is the difference?
Not the same as with the track slot, not the same function, for example, three circuit track groove he can separate the control track in the track lights, he can be divided into several groups control a track lighting, two lines to die, more than three lines is the ground.

Our LED lamps work environment humidity is how much?
Can work in the humidity below 90%.

The light power, light radiated power, total power is the difference?

      Total power = power + power-driven loss of light power
      Radiation source power = power (energy) + heat power (heat)
      Power efficiency = source power / total power
      Our product code number indicated in the power of light power.

DD12 and DD22's the difference?

     Size is not the same, the same parameters

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