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2.LED Knowledge
3.LED energy-saving lamps on the detection of North American Points
4.Safety lamps commonly used in reference
5.LED color temperature standard of basic knowledge and instructions ROHs
6.LED Tube Support

A [Features]

1, energy:

a, 50% energy than traditional fluorescent lamp, energy-efficient than incandescent 90%;

b, 18W LED lamp equivalent to 40W traditional fluorescent lamp luminous flux, luminous flux is equivalent to 150W incandescent lamp.

c, the same luminous flux conditions, LED illumination is effectively doubled the traditional fluorescent lamp. (Reason: LED light for the one-way, multi-directional traditional fluorescent light)

2, environmental protection and safety:

plastic components with a PC using aluminum, mercury and other toxic substances and recyclable utilization of 98.5%. Without causing any harm.

3, built-in power supply:

use of isolated power program, and more secure.

4, personalization options:

a, through the mask option: transparent stripes (light transmission rate of up to 90%) or extended mask (soft light, no glare, light transmission rate up to 80%);

b, color temperature options: white (6000k ± 300k), natural white (4000k ± 300k)

5, good thermal conductivity, and effective to ensure lamp life

1, the use of SMD LED as light source, LED life longer than the plug-in

2, aluminum plate as the LED heat PCB, FR4 material PCB heat better than several times.

3, high thermal conductivity aluminum shell as a heat sink, thermal conductivity better than the PC case several times.

II [Product applications]

completely replace the traditional fluorescent tube;

office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, hotels, car parks, urban underground channel, factory floor, municipal engineering, family and other lighting.

three 【Technical parameters】

1, parameter list

number project technical parameters
1 input voltage range AC 100-240V
2 output power (W) 20
3 LED Quantity (PCS) 196
4 LED type 3014 package
5 luminous flux (lm) 1400-1500
6 operating temperature (° C) -10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
7 temperature (° C) <30 ℃
8 products maximum size (mm) Φ26 * 1198 ± 1
9 color temperature K 4000-6000
10 luminous efficiency ≥ 70Lm /W

IV [product naming]

such as T8-20CS196-15S-W, said T8 models

T 8-2 0 C S1 9 6-15S-W

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1, size T5, T8, T10

2, power 20W

3, voltage code: A (low voltage DC 12-24V) B (low-voltage AC 24V) C (AC 100-240V)

4, light source type

5, LED quantity

6, Case No.

7, shell color

8, light color

five, [Size]

VI [user] installation and usage instructions

1, the traditional fluorescent tube wiring in two ways: electronic ballast, magnetic ballast. Wiring diagram is as follows:
2, LED fluorescent tube wiring: remove the ballast and (or) the starter, will live and neutral are connected at both ends of the stent, as shown below:

installation instructions:

1, remove the starter and the rectifier, the electricity of FireWire, zero line, respectively, then the left and right ends of the stent.

2, LED lamp is built-in power supply, G13 interface, two pins to short-circuit state, both ends of the connector are the same.


1, in normal lighting, avoid direct contact with aluminum surface fluorescent!

2, after prolonged use (eg one year), according to the amount of tube surface dust, the need for lamp cleaning, cleaning heat better and live longer. When cleaning with the blower blowing or dry cloth, to avoid the liquid into the tube.

3, different types of LED fluorescent tube the required current, voltage difference, if the LED lamp failure, the need to replace the same brand of the same type of LED fluorescent tube.

4, LED fluorescent tube without extra accessories, removable non-professionals do not repair.

5, as products are upgraded to change without notice.


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